Frequently Asked Questions

Are school uniforms required at FLA?
Yes. FLA's "Uniform and Grooming Information" can be found in the student handbook on Page 31 in the Student Handbook. Uniform Polo shirts are required with approved bottoms. Students attending through scholarship funding will receive basic uniform tops without any out of pocket costs.

Does FLA provide transportation to and from school?
Yes. FLA currently has transportation to Archer, Bronson, and Williston areas. If transportation is not available to your residence, every effort will be made to create a neutral meeting place in one of the above mentioned towns. Transportation fees are billed directly to families using this service.

Can my child start at any time or must they wait until a designated enrollment period?
Enrollment is typically open year-round at FLA. Administration will make an effort to meet your educational needs regardless of the time of year. Contact FLA immediately if you feel their program(s) will benefit your child(ren).

What will it cost for my child to attend FLA?
Currently, FLA accepts three scholarship programs which have different levels of funding depending on academic need and/or annual household income. If fully funded by scholarship, parents are only responsible to non-tuition costs/fees such as: lunches, transportation, extracurricular activites/sports, field trips, etc. If you find that you are not eligible for a scholarship, please schedule a consultation with FLA administration to discuss financial arrangements.

What are your school hours?
Monday through Thursday: School begins at 8:15 am and is dismissed at 2:30 pm. School is dismissed at 12:30 pm every Friday.

Is my child required to attend Family Life Church in order to attend FLA?
No. Of course, your family is welcome to participate in any and all worship services; but, there is no church attendance requirement in order to attend FLA.

What is the "PACE" curriculum?
Students in grades 2nd-12th grade utilize "PACE" curriculum provided by Accelerated Christian Education (ACE). Since 1970, ACE PACEs have proven to be effective tools for goal setting and achieving academic excellence and spiritual maturity. Our PACEs have taken the conventional textbook and divided it into bite-size, achievable worktexts that allow your student(s) to master each chapter before moving on to new material. PACEs utilize Hands-on social studies and science projects, creative writing and character development, continued building of fine motor skills particularly in lower levels, lessons are presented with exciting illustrations and written to ensure comprehension, fun facts, self tests to help the student/teacher determine readiness for final testing, and supervised tests to measure mastery of material studied.

What if my child(ren) want to play sports that you do not currently offer?
It is our desire to provide extracurricular activites that are fun and competitive for our middle and high school students. Unfortunately, it is not always feasible, nor is the interest high enough within the student body, to participate in every sport. If your child(ren) has an interest in a specific sport that is not offered by FLA, speak with Pastor Glen, FLA's Athletic Director about alternate options. Our desire is to help your child become involved in the sport of their choice.

If my child graduates from FLA, can they attend College after graduation?
Yes. FLA is fully accredited through Church of God Association of Christian Schools (CGACS), as well as Florida Association of Academic Nonpublic Schools (FAANS). High School diplomas are recognized at all public and private colleges and vocational schools.

Does FLA offer Dual Enrollment?
Yes. Some students may be eligible to take college courses and receive dual credits (high school & college credits) during their 11th and 12th grade years.

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